Friday, October 27, 2006

Spinning on Oprah

Bill O'Reilly appeared on Oprah today, and I must admit I felt compelled to watch. I wanted to know if the guy would be able to contain himself in front of an audience that had free access to an open mic. Although he didn't become the irate and toddler-esque persona of his usual self, he still spat out his short and narrow blurbs to those few who still want to listen. Get ready for a spin.

A part of the disscussion involved a few key points that I do happen to agree with: 1) As a whole, this is a very uninformed public. 2) Fringe groups-on both ends of the political spectrum-are attempting to hold our country hostage with their agendas. NEWS FLASH...THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN HAPPENING! See the alarmist spin?

Mr. Bill states that the main problem with the cultural war we are experiencing in this country is the unwillingness of it's people to "draw a line and be willing to defend (your) beliefs," yet he claims that he is not a polarizing force within the public eye. See the personal spin?

Mr. Bill's FOX 'newscast' opens with graphics depicting his show as "The No-Spin Zone". That, in itself is "Spin". In my humble opinion, the spin is flying at near light-speed on his show (I can only bear to occasionally take it in short, small tidbits before I've had my fill) and can only appear to be spin-free to the extreme right-wing, and those who are easily swayed by his grandstanding tactics. And depending on how you look at it, the passionate right is either becoming less passionate or more realistic, because FOXNews is experiencing some of it's lowest viewership ever. Perhaps they are just in hiding. A couple of really good books slamming their cause can do that to any following. They'll be waiting in the shadows for '08, no matter how decently the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS will treat their prodigy, Dubya.

Now time to draw some lines of my own...since Mr. Bill is of the opinion that we all need to do it.

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