Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What Have You Done, Governor?

What have you done Huck, to make yourself proud?

Was it your venemous outbursts (we're used to them now) towards members of the media this week? They were simply asking for the details of you and your twice married wife's recent Bridal Registry at Dillard's and Target. We thought perhaps you and Janet were getting married yet again. It wouldn't be any more absurd than when you did it a second time. Oh wait, that was a grand-standing technique in light of the Arkansas Marriage Amendment, so you could prove that 'you could'...while dozens of both gay and straight protesters stood outside Alltel Arena on that Valentine's Day evening. It was rather pubescent, if you ask me. But we're used to that, too. Did you intend on being the first governor to help pen discrimination into the State Constitution? Does that make you proud? Really? Wow.

Has it been campaigning for president you've done for yourself while still being chief of state? All those air-miles flown on the state Iowa? Oh wait, that was because you wanted to get some name recognition during the mid-term elections. After all, you realize you'll have little chance, don't you? Perhaps if these friends that 'still owe you' after you leave office buy you a round of Anger Management Classes, rather than new china and silver, you may have a chance to squeak-by in the primaries. Of course, you have made members of the Arkansas Media your best worst they'll follow you everywhere you go in hopes of getting you to turn into that nasty little pit viper we so often see. They'll only be showing everyone else the side of you that we already know.

Was it losing all that weight and penning a best selling book? Of course the book sales were plentiful and helped you buy that expensive new home in North Little Rock. Too bad you didn't put some back so that you could buy Janet the appropriate furnishings and household items, and not depend on the kindness of those who still owe you for political favors. I can imagine it is quite a transition to now have to pay your way.

As for the weight loss... I congratulate you. 100 pounds is a lot, and I am sure as heck glad that I don't have to see nearly as much of you anymore.

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