Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Arkansas Gay Foster/Adoption Ban Fails in Committee

Kudos to members of the House Judiciary Committee...and kudos to Gov. Beebe, who questioned the constitutionally challenged bill after it passed through the Senate. "I have constitutional concerns, not with one aspect of it, but all aspects of it", Beebe stated to reporters on Tuesday. Emphasis is mine.

How refreshing to now have a Governor in Arkansas who can make such a legally qualified statement. I can only imagine what the Huckster would have stated if the measure had arisen in his tenure. Of course, the proponents of the bill said that the committee "skirted the issue" by not opening discussion.

Touche. An attempt to open discussion of the bill died by a voice vote.

Proponents stated they doubted that they would press-on for a third attempt during this session, likely enabling the state's Supreme Court ruling to stand another two years, which struck down an internal agency's policy banning homosexuals from being eligible to become foster parents.

What really set me off on this bill, which was introduced by Sen. Shawn Womack (R-Mountain Home), was that it not only would have placed a ban on gays from becoming foster parents, but would have also made it illegal for them to adopt children...even if they were family.

Though an amendment had been proposed to allow adoption by gay relatives, the original intent of the bill was clear. I am sure that is why the committee members took it off the table, and placed it in the garbage where it belongs.

Wow...and this is Arkansas.


Chris said...

Not so fast. Last year, Beebe said he would support banning gays from fostering children if legislation could be drawn that passed constitutional muster. He may make a qualified statement but he has yet to show himself a friend to the GLBT community.

Homer said...

What would they do- have a "gay" test to determine who was "gay"? The people in favor of this bill need to crawl out from under their rock.

p.alan said...

Homer, that is indeed the biggest point made in what little discussion was allowed on the bill. Surprisingly made by a newly elected Republican. As far as expecting Beebe to be a friend to our community, I don't expect it either Chris. BUT, at least Beebe graduated from Law School and knows a thing or two about the state's constitution. Huckabee, on the other hand, is a Baptist Seminary drop-out, yet ordained Baptist minister. Education was the only qualifier I dared give Beebe at this point.

BTW Chris, email me. I've lost your address since I've moved!!! (use the link on my blogger profile). We need to get together sometime soon.