Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Monday

What a great day it's been. I cannot say anything extraordinary happened. I just felt such peace all day...and I didn't even feel guilty about not working-out this morning. I awoke at my usual 4:30, but rather than squeezing into sweat garb, I enjoyed a slow-paced shower (where I even sang this morning), made my bed, dressed and made my way into the laboratory thirty minutes early. I resumed my work exactly as I had left it on Friday, and by the time my co-worker arrived at her usual time, I had knocked out a full two-hours worth of work. I can't have angry dentists breathing down my neck. Or, at least I don't want that. Then as the day progressed, it seemed that every case I touched turned out wonderfully. Why can't all days be like this?

I had a great visit with the kids over the weekend. It was our first visit since they moved away. They really were thrilled to see me and be in their second home again, too. But no matter how long they stay away, I cannot seem to be able to tolerate Cartoon Network nor Nickelodeon any better than the day they left. Yes, I'd rather leave Food Network or HGTV playing continuously than to endure 'kid tv'. My oldest, Spencer, is just getting old enough to enjoy the new music of the day. It is really funny to see him react when I begin singing along with the radio to music from my day.

"Don't you forget about me, I'll be alone dancing you know it baby..."

"You're really scaring me" is a typical response. Then to let him have it, I'll turn the station over to KLEZ, and give him a taste of whatever is playing there. Usually, it's Frank Sinatra, Linda Rondstadt or Barbra...or something of that nature.

I've found that KLEZ is my usual station. I listen to it at work... in the car... as I go to bed. Oh my gosh, I sing to it in the shower too!

Am I acting too old for 37?

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