Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Move Is Complete.

This entry was written some days ago. The news of a personal tragedy kept me from posting the entry in a timely manner.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Last evening, I returned to the condo for a final cleaning and vacuuming, and now all that remains is perhaps some Comet residue on the bathroom fixtures, the criss-cross patterns on the carpet from a final vacuuming, and three keys placed atop the refrigerator.

257 Belvedere Drive - Condominium 205 is now vacant and ready for it's next occupant.

I spent the days of the past weekend transporting some final large items, none of which I've really needed since moving into Joe's house (ahem... excuse me, our house). So the cleaning I did yesterday was my final step.

I have always been one to take a final look around and remember how the emptied space appeared during the weeks and months I called it "home". Some very happy memories, some sad, all experienced - lived - within that very space. But something different about this move, is that I feel quite happy about it. I know it is one huge personal step forward for me, and I am very sure-footed about the whole scenario.

So many of the chapters of my life over the past few years, have been dark... cumbersome... sad. This new chapter though, is full of light and promise. I feel I have finally found something solid on which to cling. I'm so glad...I was really beginning to tire.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

And the winner is...

I've made a few predictions for the top six awards to be handed out tomorrow evening. I'm a big fan of movie critic Renee Shapiro, but she and I only have three of the same picks.

Best Supporting Actress
p.alan - Abigail Breslin
Renee - Jennifer Hudson

Best Supporting Actor
p.alan - Alan Arkin
Renee - Eddie Murphy

Best Actress
p.alan - Helen Mirren
Renee - "

Best Actor
p.alan - Forest Whitaker
Renee - "

Best Director
p.alan - Martin Scorsese
Renee - "

Best Picture
p.alan - Little Miss Sunshine
Renee - The Departed

I think Peter O'Toole more than deserves the award, but considering his rejection of an honorary award some years ago, his fate may already be sealed as forever being an "Oscar Nominee". I will consider him as the ultimate upset of the evening.

Although Little Miss Sunshine is a great picture, it may not come out on top b/c it is too light. Babel and The Departed are dark and serious, and those types have historically beat out the competition. I consider LMS as the upset in this category, and I'm putting all my money on it. (And will likely loose it).

Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson make me tired. Here it's just her first film, and I'm so tired of Ms. Hudson already. As far as Eddie's concerned, he can be a creative influence, but looking at his body of work(current releases included) his talent takes an incredible nosedive after completing something worthwhile. Tisk-tisk.

Hey, at least I got 4 of them right.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to Spring, Allergy Victims

One clear indicator that Spring is now upon us, is the pollen I can now see on my black car. Here in the middle-south, we've been subject to a very high pollen count in recent years. Namely, last year & three years ago, where I can remember it was necessary for me to take a daily dose of ClaritinD for weeks on end. I actually popped one through the blister-pack this morning. A morning walk around and through my new neighborhood today subjected me and my respiratory system to the delightful yellow dust floating through the air.

But otherwise, the walk was wonderful. Just last week, morning temps were in the middle teens. Today...52!

I am actually excited about having a yard again. Today, I will be giving the row of crepe myrtles a good pruning. Any good green-thumb will tell you that must be done before the end of February, and with recent daily high temps topping out in the 70's, those babies will be budding out really soon.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I walked into the condo today

and realized I had not been here at all since last Friday. I had been here just one week ago today, to gather a few clothes and what-nots. The importance of coming back simply never arose all week. Now, I'm back to gather up even more. Actually, I've come to get everything.

Ever since my days of coming-out, I've witnessed the birth of many 'instant relationships'. I've also been witness to many of them crash and burn. Of course, I always thought that people who seemed to rush into an espoused situation were lacking better sense. Perhaps that is quite accurate in many cases, but after what I've been witness and participant in over the last few weeks, I'm more inclined to say that in some cases...it does work. In some cases...it does make sense.

All of my immediate friends know of the dating disasters I've encountered over the last several years. The Ellen movie "Mr. Wrong" always comes to mind when thinking about my dating experiences. What amazed me though, is that I encountered SO MANY Mr. Wrongs before I met Mr. Right. I have to admit that those experiences did make me a stronger person, and helped me to define exactly what qualities I was looking for in a potential life partner. I was beginning to think that 'this man' didn't exist in the real world. To even imagine that he existed in the gay world was even more laughable to me. I was wrong. Man, was I ever wrong.

When I was convinced I would likely spend the rest of my days alone, Joe came into my life. A first date went really well, both of us commenting across the restaurant parking lot to each other, "You passed the first test" ,laughingly, as we made our way back to our vehicles. The second, third, fourth dates...showed us exactly the qualities each of us hold most important in our ideal of what makes a 'good partner'. And well, let's just say that we came to the decision that it didn't make sense to not dive into this, so that's exactly what we did.

Let me tell you a little about Joe... Intelligent, low-key, no extreme opinions/behaviours, hard working, focused, passionate, independent. What makes Joe seem so noble and attractive to me is the life experience he brings with him. Joe came out in college, and upon completing his plan of study, met his first partner, Kris. They remained together for nearly 20 years. A whole lifetime-in Gay Years. Unfortunately, Kris was diagnosed with cancer in his last years of life, and Joe took care of his every need...day and night, for months on end. He put his career completely on hold, not knowing if he would even have a job when or if he came back to work, and nursed his partner through death, in the Hot Springs home they had just purchased and moved into after transplanting themselves from Chicago.

Joe didn't get to experience much of what I did in the dating world, but I know he's got all the right stuff. He wants a relationship similar to what he had with his first partner...something traditional, and I'm probably the most traditional kind of guy anybody would ever meet. I was looking for the same...and everything has just fallen into place, exactly where we're comfortable for it to fall.

So now, the rest will be our history to make...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

This Time, It Is For Keeps

I have fallen, and I have fallen hard. I am forever changed.

I want all of my pals to know that I am, in fact, still alive and well. I realize it seems I have fallen off the face of the earth, but I am indeed still here. I never thought anything this significant would ever happen to me, so I have not been as communicative as I usually am.

Yes, it has been but a short time since I met Joe, but when considering exactly what we are to each other...we've decided to make the situation permanent.