Saturday, February 24, 2007

And the winner is...

I've made a few predictions for the top six awards to be handed out tomorrow evening. I'm a big fan of movie critic Renee Shapiro, but she and I only have three of the same picks.

Best Supporting Actress
p.alan - Abigail Breslin
Renee - Jennifer Hudson

Best Supporting Actor
p.alan - Alan Arkin
Renee - Eddie Murphy

Best Actress
p.alan - Helen Mirren
Renee - "

Best Actor
p.alan - Forest Whitaker
Renee - "

Best Director
p.alan - Martin Scorsese
Renee - "

Best Picture
p.alan - Little Miss Sunshine
Renee - The Departed

I think Peter O'Toole more than deserves the award, but considering his rejection of an honorary award some years ago, his fate may already be sealed as forever being an "Oscar Nominee". I will consider him as the ultimate upset of the evening.

Although Little Miss Sunshine is a great picture, it may not come out on top b/c it is too light. Babel and The Departed are dark and serious, and those types have historically beat out the competition. I consider LMS as the upset in this category, and I'm putting all my money on it. (And will likely loose it).

Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson make me tired. Here it's just her first film, and I'm so tired of Ms. Hudson already. As far as Eddie's concerned, he can be a creative influence, but looking at his body of work(current releases included) his talent takes an incredible nosedive after completing something worthwhile. Tisk-tisk.

Hey, at least I got 4 of them right.

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Tony said...

4 outta 6, not bad!