Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Move Is Complete.

This entry was written some days ago. The news of a personal tragedy kept me from posting the entry in a timely manner.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Last evening, I returned to the condo for a final cleaning and vacuuming, and now all that remains is perhaps some Comet residue on the bathroom fixtures, the criss-cross patterns on the carpet from a final vacuuming, and three keys placed atop the refrigerator.

257 Belvedere Drive - Condominium 205 is now vacant and ready for it's next occupant.

I spent the days of the past weekend transporting some final large items, none of which I've really needed since moving into Joe's house (ahem... excuse me, our house). So the cleaning I did yesterday was my final step.

I have always been one to take a final look around and remember how the emptied space appeared during the weeks and months I called it "home". Some very happy memories, some sad, all experienced - lived - within that very space. But something different about this move, is that I feel quite happy about it. I know it is one huge personal step forward for me, and I am very sure-footed about the whole scenario.

So many of the chapters of my life over the past few years, have been dark... cumbersome... sad. This new chapter though, is full of light and promise. I feel I have finally found something solid on which to cling. I'm so glad...I was really beginning to tire.

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Jeannie said...

I know this is going to happen to me one day! For now the kids love my "divorce house" b/c of their friends down the street etc... but it's so far been this box containing everything from tragedy to triumph. Thanks for the post- that you are happy is wonderful news!