Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to Spring, Allergy Victims

One clear indicator that Spring is now upon us, is the pollen I can now see on my black car. Here in the middle-south, we've been subject to a very high pollen count in recent years. Namely, last year & three years ago, where I can remember it was necessary for me to take a daily dose of ClaritinD for weeks on end. I actually popped one through the blister-pack this morning. A morning walk around and through my new neighborhood today subjected me and my respiratory system to the delightful yellow dust floating through the air.

But otherwise, the walk was wonderful. Just last week, morning temps were in the middle teens. Today...52!

I am actually excited about having a yard again. Today, I will be giving the row of crepe myrtles a good pruning. Any good green-thumb will tell you that must be done before the end of February, and with recent daily high temps topping out in the 70's, those babies will be budding out really soon.

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