Friday, March 06, 2009

Just Keep Swimming....

It’s a motto I have taken to heart. Yes, a silly line from a movie many of us have grown to love, but it has become so much more to me. Dory, the forgetfull one, knew that no matter what you are up against, you just have to keep on swimming….

Lately, I’ve felt a bit like Dory, i.e., lacking real direction in my fitness goals and plans for the future. As you can see from my previous posts, I whole-heartedly dove into working P90X as a way to whip myself back into shape. Unfortunately, I over-exherted myself and was in no way prepared to tackle such a large goal. I became sick from not having sufficient fitness that is necessary to perform those exercises, and ultimately, lost my will to complete the program.

Through some deep inner desire, I have once again begun the process of reaching for my fitness goals. However, this time I am being more realistic in what I can achieve. Once I am able to afford the effort involved, I will take P90X on again, but not until then. When will that be able to take place? I have no idea… and therein lies the wisdom I have gained: Only take upon yourself, that which you can sufficiently perform. Neglecting this simple principle will leave you sick, injured, and even worse, lost of your fitness inspirations.

What I am doing is quite simple, and I am going to continue keeping it simple b/c I wish for it to become a habit I keep for life. One hour each day, I only walk. The other 23 hours of my day are spent watching what I eat and getting the rest my body needs. Doing this simple regiment will enable me to take on more activity as my body slims and tones. Several years of inactivity cannot be reversed in 90 days. It is unrealistic.

When I have lost the weight I deem necessary, I will see where I stand physically then make the necessary steps to increase my activity level. One day, I will own a P90X body. It is a promise I have made to myself, and I will not stop my progress towards that.

A Lazy Friday

I'm at work alone today. My only co-worker is off, and I am here by my lonesome. It's quiet, 'cept for the XM radio in the back room. I have case-work to do for a dentist in Arkadelphia, but I have no will to get 'on it' today.

I've become slower to blog lately, too. I guess I should just give a few updates about what is going on in my life and around The 602:

*Charles moved in with us a couple of months ago... a result of his breakup with his bi-polar girlfriend. He ended up having to bring along his 500 year old beagle... "Betty".

*Betty smells like a beagle.

*Betty bit my foot yesterday.

*The 602 now has 6 residents: 3 men, 2 Scotties, and 1 Betty.

*I've been walking diligently since giving up on P90X... I will start that program again, but only after I've lost more weight. All the jumping around killed my knees, hips and ankles. Lately, I've been walking The Promenade behind Bathhouse Row every day after work, making the mile-long circle 3 times.

*One of my Great-Aunts keeled over last night. She's one of the last I still have. I bet my Mom and all her sisters will go to her funeral. She lived in Palm Springs.

*I would love to go to Palm Springs... but I don't want it to be for a funeral.

*Joe is looking for another job, while I have decided to keep the one I've got.

*Joe and I have finally worked out a financial plan for the next few years, which puts my mind more at ease than it has been in a very, very long time. (We are working to be totally debt-free in the next couple of years!)

*My convertible Cadillac Eldorado, Esmerelda, will soon be getting a complete makeover and rebuild. ...look out, streets of Hot Springs!