Monday, October 22, 2007


On September 7, 1957 in Little Rock, my parents committed themselves to love, honor and cherish one another, all the rest of their days. In the home of their pastor and surrounded by friends & family, they embarked on a journey which has taken them through a myriad of life experiences. Luckily for them, the good has far outweighed the bad. But as with any union, I do realize that the only way to reach this golden moment is through respect and love for one another. Equally, yet each in their own way. Just as no person is perfect, neither is any marriage, but what they've been able to accomplish is rare. I don't think anyone could say there is a direct and clearly marked path for every couple to mark 50 years together, but whatever path they've taken... they've arrived, and they truly are a guidepost for me and for all of their family.

I don't think Joe and I will have the chance to do the same, simply because of our age. I do know that he and I have the right stuff to make it to that point. I will be 87, Joe, 92. Maybe... but not likely. But whether or not we make it there, we do have the present. And the present is indeed the happiest and most centered I've ever been.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. May you have many more happy years ahead.

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Tony said...

hey, congrats to your folks (P.Daddy and P.Mommy??)

they look very happy