Thursday, February 07, 2008

I'm Just Saying...

Did anyone think it was kinda spooky that the states that gave Mike Huckabee a majority vote ALSO got themselves some ginormous tornadoes on Super Tuesday???

Wrath of the gods? I'm thinking, yes...! But I don't really believe in all that. I'd be on the same level as John Hagee stating that Katrina was 'God's' wrath for Southern Decadence(read Fat Gay Pride) in New Orleans that year.

........but it is delicious to finally have the same ammunition they(read fundamental christianism nuts) always so blatantly fire at us.

So, there. That gets two snaps and a circle, girrrl.


Chris said...

The tornadoes were because of all the people that voted for Hillary. Does God not speak to you? :-)

p.alan said...

Yes, God does speak to me. I'm usually on the toilet, but nevertheless... !