Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cold Turkey... Day Four

I've been good. Up till now. I want to eat a cigarette. I tore into that box of nicotine patches this morning as if I was Charlie Bucket, looking for a Golden Ticket inside. And the instructions... the instructions, dammit! Tell me to ask myself "why" I want to quit at the back of the bloody instruction manual. Tell me where to put the bloody patch on my body on the first friggin page, and let me worry about the rest later, dammit!

So it says to place the patch on a non-hairy area of skin on the upper body. Okay, so does that mean I have to put it on my forehead? Because I'm telling you what, there's not much of an area on my upper torso that is not covered with hair of some sort (...okay, TMI & so sorry), but it is the truth.

My solution... my bicep. And now I'm feeling SOOO much better. I love you all. Have a wonderful day!


Chris said...

It's a damn shame they don't make donut patches!

TankMontreal said...

Not TMI - some of us want to know these things. About body hair and such.
Good luck with your abstinence and do hang in there > this is coming from someone who's quit stuff he did not want to give up and didn't think he was capable. There is hope, I promise you.

Marieke said...

awww well done! you can do it alan! im on day 55 now. every other day i have a craving, but no more panic! keep me updated! x