Friday, July 03, 2009

My favorite ending to any television series has to be for Six Feet Under. That show cut through new emotional grounds for many, including me. Life... it is inexplicably challenging. How we live it is more often by choice and less by circumstance. One moment we will all face, no matter how underachieved nor accomplished our lives, is death. Embrace that fact first, and only then will you begin to live.

As I've been living this life of mine, I know that I have been guilty of living it according to the will and hopes of others more than what made sense for my own sake. Having grown in many ways these recent years has enabled me to more finely hewn my own self-perspectives. My need for approval is more centered within now, and is much less an external force. It is rather handy a trait to have now, as I will likely be making decisions as to the direction of my and Joe's life that will not garner a heap of support. There's been a job opportunity fall into my lap, and it would require a major relocation. There is always the chance that I will refuse the offer. Should it be the right thing for me, my only answer can be "yes". I know I will have full support of the most important person in my life, but to the rest of my family the result will be shortly lived in pandemonium. However long, I've no idea.

Then, there's the friends.... Some are supportive, some are indifferent, some fail to see the point completely. At this point in my life, I don't really give a flying flip about any of the negative responses. I've got too many other things to occupy my time.


Ice John's World said...

Nice to see 2 new posts from you! Good luck no matter what your decision is about the job opportunity!

Will said...

Hey, the man lives! Nice to see you back. Good luck whatever decision you make about the job!