Friday, March 13, 2015

There is life after Hot Springs

I just looked back to some old photos to remember exactly when my life was leading me Out of Arkansas.  Just for a reference point.  Just to remember.

So much has happened.  More than can be explained.

Much of it was so terrible at the time that, well, it was beyond words...

I'm ok now.  In fact, I am better than I have EVER BEEN!!!  And I would have never been able to say in my old blogging voice, that I am THIS happy while in the same breath be able to mutter that I am in fact moving BACK to Arkansas....

Yes.  It is true.  I, who has championed all the shit that has come at me since 2009, is KILLING IT and am so excited to be moving back to my roots... all with the perks of the professional life I have been able to build up for myself.

I mean, really, it's strange to try to be relating to my blogging self of 2009 and all that I have been through and be able to say to him that "you survived and you really did damn good for yourself in the long run...

you lost everything AGAIN, but GAINED everyTHING in the process..

you had a STROKE again, and by the way, and had to relearn how to speak...

you've been coast to coast for work several times,  and for the past year have lived in one of the most beautiful parts of the Pacific Northwest...

You've made friends that will last a lifetime and not those that withered soon after you stopped nurturing them..  (who needs that type of friend?)

And you've been able to meet some of the most eccletic people in work and life since the tearing away of that virginal life that took you so long tear away from back in 2009....

It's 2015.
-Spencer is in the Navy.
-Rachel has cut you out of her life completely, including changing your own children's name to pretend that you never existed.
-You work for a national Dental Provider as the Lab Supervisor for a multi-state region.
-You are familiar with the air travel grind of weather delays, over-sold flights and lost luggage.
-Your partner, Mark, sweats to prepare your house to now SELL, instead of LIVING in the land of Portlandia, and for the very first time in your life, you are partnered with someone who holds you in the same (higher) esteem as themselves and as their living goal is to MAKE YOU HAPPY.

It's like you lost everything, but gained even more.


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