Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is home.

It was too beautiful today, to not capture the Tulip tree and Bradford Pears in their glory. The sunlight today is amazing!

So, I believe that I am understood when I say "I never thought I would live in a house like this." Being the nostalgic nut that I am, I'll be researching the home's history and digging up old photographs.

Those of you who are familiar with architecture will notice that this house has two prevalent styles. Queen Anne & Craftsman. A part of the home's history involved the fire that destroyed much of downtown Hot Springs at the turn of the 20th Century. That fire burned up to the block just across from this house, and scorched much of the gingerbread trim that once adorned the now enclosed porches. It was then that the home changed it's roof-line (and lost the cone atop the turret) and the limestone front was put into place, so as to make it more fire-resistant.

So, here is a Queen Anne, built in 1892 - then modified around 1910, with Craftsman influences.


Tony said...

It's beautiful, hon; and it's very "you".

BigAssBelle said...

oh my god, it's GORGEOUS!!!! what a beauty. isn't the weather magnificent? the trees here are all abloom. love this time of year. that is one fine house. lucky you.