Saturday, March 31, 2007

We Are Busy Today

setting up a birthday party for our good friend Ann(and neighbor across the street).

50 is such a significant birthday, and we've pulled out all stops in making sure she will have an evening to remember. I thought that I would perhaps have some problems in finding musical entertainment (successive Spring Breaks at Henderson State and UALR made for an interesting hurdle), but I was able to find a group that will keep the party at an up tempo. Ted Ludwig Presents is a jazz trio based in Little Rock. Bassist Bill Huntington was a long-time member of Ellis Marsalis's band, drummer Brian Brown has just gotten back from LA, where he performed a few gigs with Herbie Hancock, and they will also be going down to New Orleans' Jazz Festival, where they will be a part of Harry Connick Jr.'s band.

I did good, didn't I?!? They weren't cheap, either.

The food was left to Joe, Bethanie and chef-friend James. And from what I will be extensive. As we speak, Joe is in the kitchen baking (by request of Ann) two fabulous carrot cakes. Joe's carrot cake is damn good. I do believe my toes curl with each bite.

I am sure most of the day will be low-key as we rest up for the evening ahead. And it's a perfect day to be lazy...fog and rain abound. Then, by 5:00, we'll be doing set-up for what I hope will be an evening to remember.

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BigAssBelle said...

what a lovely thing to do for a friend. 50 is a significant event. i am mourning the last of my 40s and thinking it is actually not possible that i ~ a young and fetching thing ~ will turn 50 saturday. not. possible.

did your friend survive it? has she become despondent?