Wednesday, April 04, 2007

State Legislature is Duped

Well, it seems that the traditional family values PAC, Arkansas_Family_Council intended all along to make the "Gay Foster Parent Bill" a dead issue. Now that the bill has died in a House committee(after making its way through the Senate), the gay-haters have stated that the issue will now be pursued as a ballot issue.

They will need to gather 85000 signatures on their petition to have the issue placed on the ballot in the next General Election. An easy task, given all they will have to do is set up a table outside the doors of those good Christian churches. Who in their right mind would be seen not placing their name on the list by their fellow church-going brethren? They might be seen as un-Christian-like by not supporting this witch hunt.


Chris said...

Lets see how many of the 85,000 volunteer to take in a foster child.

BigAssBelle said...

there you go. what chris said. it was so ironic to me; my time in child welfare foster care . . . most of the folks wishing to be foster parents were very nearly poor and always had a houseful of kids. they wanted to give back, or they'd been raised in care themselves. they had a strong urge to do good. it was a rare thing indeed that the very well off became foster parents, except in those rare instances where they believed it would allow them to circumvent the adoptions process with my state agency. that would have resulted in their becoming eligible for sibling groups, usually ages 4 and up, often troubled and almost always abused and neglected.

the well off came to foster care seeking brand new infants. white, of course. drug exposed, but fresh and new and not tarnished by exposure to disastrous lives. good christians, most of the. wanted nothing to do with sibling groups of the vast majority of our children of color. just wanted spanking fresh white babies and wanted them now, thank you.