Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wishes to Cancel and Not Be Re-Billed

I get so disgusted with certain companies that attempt to keep you as a customer, even though it is against your own will. Well, today I've had a discourse with Yahoo, in that I have found it impossible to cancel my subscription to their personals page, according to the instructions that are given to do just that. The "Cancel" link to which they refer within those instructions did not exist. I couldn't find it anywhere!! So, given the testy mood that has arisen from within me, I have given Yahoo a bit to chew on this morning:

I have cancelled my subscription to Yahoo! Personals some weeks ago, yet I have recently recieved notification by e-mail that my account will be up for renewal in the coming days.

I do not wish to continue my subscription to Yahoo! personals. I do not wish for the subscription to be renewed.

I have attempted for the last hour, to find a link within Yahoo! Personals, to cancel the service-according to instructions within the account billing links. I feel that I have wasted valuable time in attempting to find a "cancel" link which obviously does not exist. Instead, I have found this e-mail address to instead notify Yahoo! of my intentions to no longer use Yahoo! Personals and to express my angst and disgust regarding the time and effort I have wasted on my behalf in attempting to find a way to cancel the service within the Yahoo! Personals website.

Please send me proper notification that my Yahoo! Personal subscription has indeed been permanently cancelled and that my credit card will not be re-billed for a subsequent quarter-year of service.

Thank you, and good day

Hey...who woulda known that I would have found my significant other within just days of posting a profile there? Miracles do happen.

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