Sunday, April 15, 2007

Working on the bedroom today

Some weeks ago, I had taken-on the task of removing the tragic popcorn ceiling in the bedroom that we plan to take over as the Master bedroom. Today, I take up the task again-repairing the ceiling drywall prior to repainting. The walls are still the original plaster & lathe, and I will be repairing them as well.

The room is nicely sized, with a bay window. Within the bay is a set of french doors which will allow us access to a deck, which is our main reason in making this bedroom our own.


Speck said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I feel your pain. Ceiling restoration can be a killer on the neck and shoulders! Death to popcorn! That stuff should be outlawed.

Do you have plans to strip any of the woodwork? The fireplace mantle would look OMG gorgous if it is all original. I'll bet there is some beautiful oak hiding under years of paint.

The mirror on the overmantle doesn't quite look original; a later addition maybe? The fluted columns on the bottom should repeat at the top. Is there something wonderful hiding behind the mirror and its big hulking frame? This old house nut would love to know.

Good luck with the redo. The room will be beautiful!

BigAssBelle said...

i love painted woodwork! are you going to strip it? i'd just leave it white. love it, love it. what a fabulous room and such grand architectural details. i love that transom!! lucky you!