Monday, April 23, 2007


Sleep study #1 is complete. No results from the Doc yet, but I am sure I registered many apneas through the night, as I awakened myself - almost completely - several times throughout. That in itself is unusual for me, but given the strange envirnment I suppose it makes sense.

I did not rest well through the study. Imagine, if you will, the quality of mattress one might find in a Motel 6. An old Motel 6. That was the quality of my mattress for the evening... and Full-size, no less. It was the farthest sleeping experience from my accustomed surroundings: King-size bed. 600 thread count sheets. Big pillows. A warm body next to me. Add to that, about 15 electrodes (felt like 50) glued to my head and body, and it made for a challenging evening. Especially when awakening in the middle of the night and needing to use the restroom. I'll spare the details, but just imagine miles of wires coming out of your head, running up your pajama legs, and all connected to a module that had to be hand-held the entire time away from the bed.

But, it's all for the chance of having a better life, once I'm treated. So, I'll not complain anymore. I just know that if I need subsequent sleep studies performed, I must take my own pillows.


Tony said...

oh man...that sounds like TORTURE! But it will be worth it, especially to Joe, if it means you won't be snoring and snorting all nite long.

Hang in there of luck!

BigAssBelle said...

my traveling bags are two: one small stowable carry-on of the prescribed airline-ok size and a backpack. into my bags always, without fail, will go two of the super soft down pillows i sleep with at home. i wish i could fit all eight in there, but alas, i cannot. two must do, but i am such a spoiled little princess, that i can hardly sleep anywhere without tossing and turning. a luxurious bed is something i just can't do without.

results? i've thought of having a sleep study too . . .