Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Big Step Forward

They're gone. Deleted. All of those dark introspective drafts of entries I had penned, over time, that dealt with my dark days of coming-out, lonliness, depression. They're gone. Those recollective entries are not representative of the life I've chosen for myself, and they will not be seen.

I was lucky to find a blogger with whom I share a similar disconnect with the at-large gay community. Mark. When we had made contact some months ago, I spoke of my own experience and made mention of how similarly we both percieved the world around us. He gave encouragement to me to give my experience a voice through writing. Thank you Mark.

I think it is an investment in one's self to look back from time to time. But there is also a time to let it go and move forward. Today, I cleaned out the past. I am ready to move forward.

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BigAssBelle said...

well congratulations on letting go. i think this has to be a positive move, because you're feeling good about it.

i think finding a community is the key, whether within a proscribed area of shared experience or the larger world as a whole. what is important is that you do what's right for you, what makes you feel at peace inside. sounds like you have. yay!