Sunday, April 22, 2007

The B's are coming soon!

I've always been a huge B52's fan. Although I was a bit young for their more obscure popularity in the late 70's, I did however get to ride on the surge of their comeback in the middle to late 80's.

In fact, I had painted onto my Delta Hall dorm room window at Arkansas State University, the words "Love Shack" (even though that was the farthest thing from the truth...) with huge blasts of bright colors.

After my days at college, I delved into the B52 Archives and then was born the appreciation of their earlier sets. It was then that I learned the story of Ricky...member of the band, and Cindy's brother. He died in the early 80's from Aids related cancer, and it left a huge hole in the group...and in Cindy for much longer. And even though the band would regain it's momentum with the album Cosmic Thing, Cindy did not participate in the following album, Good Stuff. If I could ride the hands of time, one thing I would have loved to experience in this lifetime, would be to have seen this young 5-member band, rocking the CBGB with Rock Lobster.

One point of interest I've had all these years, has been how Keith Strickland has aged so well. I mean, damn...he looks twenty years younger than Fred, Kate and Cindy. I must confess that I always kept a crush on Keith, too.

I've been keeping my ears open for any news about any new releases they may have coming forth. It appears that late Summer of 07, we will be blessed with yet another B52 album!

I have no doubts that a third generation of college age kids will fall in love with these creative and fun folks from Athens GA & NYC.

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BigAssBelle said...

i especially love it that they're from georgia :-)