Friday, April 13, 2007

I Have WHAT In My Throat?!?

I recommend that everybody should seek fresh medical advice at any moment you feel you're not getting the answers you need with your current physician.

I've been with the same doctor since '94, and I haven't been getting past a few problems I've been continually dealing with for some 4 years. The symptoms all pointed to sleep apnea, and it has gone years without diagnosis. (And yes Chris and Michael, I know you've told me that is what I suffer from...but I can be a stubborn beast, ya know.) Since I now share a sleeping chamber with another human being, I was told just how bad my nights really are. And it scared the ever-loving crap out of me. Especially since Joe is a cardiac nurse and he informed me on the long-term effects it has on the body.

Today, I got a fresh perspective...and I think it may have saved my life! Really. I'll likely have to have surgery on my throat in the next few weeks. Tonsillectomy. It appears that my tonsils take up over 50% of my airway while upright...even more while lying down. Now wonder I couldn't breathe!

Anyway, he went on to explain that adults typically have a much longer recovery time after said proceedure than do children. Grand! But as my friend Janine said, "adults get better pain medications too". Very true. At least I hope so. I sure don't want to hurt if it's somehow avoidable. He said he wouldn't be surprised if I took two weeks before getting back to a normal work scenario. Sounds like a lot of Vicodin, Soup and Juice to me.

..........Is it normal to feel guilt from essentially firing the doctor I've been seeing all these years? We don't necessarily rub shoulders, but he and his wife have been good friends of the family (and now he's my neighbor - I snicker).

I not only got some fresh and sound medical advice, but I was also hit on by the office assistant who checked me out. Well, maybe I shouldn't say I was hit on, but I think I must've had some effect on her b/c she couldn't say or do anything without tripping all over herself. (Even her co-worker asked her if she needed to relieve her b/c of the mess she was making)...but I was truly endeared by her blushing cheeks. "If she only knew everything about me"... I chuckled as the thought ran through my mind. I made sure to let her know I had picked-up on the reasons for her momentary klutziness, and left her with a "have a great weekend, gorgeous", and a very large smile.

Gosh, I feel good today!


Chris said...

Don't feel bad about firing your doc.
I changed my primary care and cardiologist a few years ago and have never regretted it.
And I am going to refrain from saying I told you so.

Tony said...

OUCH! Don't forget the ice cream!

I hope you have a speedy recovery!!