Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Have Lovely Roots

Apparently, that is the collective opinion of all staffers in my endodontist's office. Doctor included. With the new technology in dentistry, my digital x-rays were immediately displayed on a flat panel screen just across the room. Other assistants would glance into the room as they passed by, pause, and usually say something to the effect of "Oh. My. Gosh." I have long roots. Very long roots. In fact this second molar I had done yesterday had roots measuring 27mm. (And that's the small molar.)

Aside from jumping a little at the doctor's first attempt to open up the tooth, and scaring the assistant, all went as well as could be expected. "That tooth must be hot!" I heard the doctor say, meaning it was extra sensitive. Another couple of shots of anesthetic, and I was good to go. My face was even numb enough that I had to consciously try and keep my right eyelid open. Weird.

I did pretty well. Dinner was Campbell's Beef Broth. And a hot dog bun. Yum!


Tony said...


I'm glad you survived.


Homer said...

Yes, I've seen plenty of tooth roots myself and 27 mm is very, very long. You are a freak of nature, apparently.

Chris said...

When I first read the headline I thought you were referring to your hair, but then I remembered...well never mind.
Hope you are feeling ok.

BigAssBelle said...

yikes! anything to do with my mouth and i just wish they'd knock me out. happy to hear you're well rooted ;-)