Sunday, July 01, 2007

Eight Little Things

A fun little game I read about some months ago in the Technorati website has made its way to me via Mike, over in D.C. & also from Kyle in L.A. The object is to list eight unknown things about yourself or your past, and tag eight other blogs that you frequent and then urge them to do the same. Expands one's readership, I suppose... Anyway, here goes:

1. Way back in the previous millenium, during college orientation, I took the Meyers-Briggs personality indicator. My result? INFJ (Finally, something to explain why I was always so freaking sensitive...).

2. When I was 15(1984), I tried riding atop my cousin Darrin's Camaro in the Electric Cowboy (read arcade) parking lot. Unfortunately, this was also the same evening I had first decided to experiment with drinking several beers. I crashed head first onto the parking lot, and ever since, I can touch someone and see their future.

3. Last week, I got to see first-hand, several Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Oak Park, IL that I often drew as a child. It was a profoundly serendipitous moment for me...

4. I have trouble finding appropriatly sized shoes, as I wear a size 15EEEE.

5. I live in a Victorian home built in 1892... and by writing this post, I am procrastinating my day's task of painting one of it's bedrooms.

6. I didn't get my first cavity until I was 20.

7. I secretly wish more people would leave comments on my blog. Well not so much a secret anymore, huh?

8. I often ponder how I would look if I was bald.

Now... for my tags!

My best blogging friend, Tony. And even a good friend in real life, too.

Kyle. A deftly talented writer in L.A. He and I are also alums of the same high school, though we've never met.

Passionate Lynette. I first found her by way of the Joe.My.God. commenteers, and now we read each other often.

John, over at Becoming A Doctor. His journey should be inspirational to just about anyone.

Mark. I easily place myself in his stories, and I can never get enough, no matter how haunting they are.

Homer. Genius-level archaeologist. Loves to take pictures of food and friends.

Belinda, over at Ninja_Poodles. Guest writer for the Arkansas Times. Very funny.

And always a fresh perspective on AR politics can be found at Matilda's_Advice_&_Rants.


Tony said...

I'm your best blogging friend? Aw, thanks honey!!

Funny about that Meyers-Briggs thing...I'm an INFJ, too...which is funny because we seem to have pretty different personalities. Perchance we are more alike than I thought!

I bet you were tickled to death to see the FLW homes. Did you not take any photos of your Chicago trip??

I think you would be incredibly sexy if you were bald. Come on over...I got clippers. =)

Tony said...

Okay, I got my EIGHT facts posted on my Yahoo! 360 blog. Come check it out.

frank's wild lunch said...

Thanks darlin. I'll try to do it again, as I'm needing excuses for posts lately.

BigAssBelle said...

oh dear. there aren't eight facts about me that are of interest. but i'll work on this . . .

you, though . . . who knew?

Mike said...

I know what you mean about secretly hoping more people would leave comments on your blog...I feel that way too.

Everyone wants to be LOVED. :-)

Mark said...

i've been so out of blogging touch that I missed this.

sending you a big hug.

and frankly, I tell everything I know, so it's all old news by now!

Daphne said...

Hi, I am Alan's childhood friend, and I have a memory like an elephant.

Alan, you may be channeling you "J", but if I remember correctly you did test as INFP--maybe not during your first test, but when you purchased the book.

Remember my ex, and we tested him--ESTJ--the complete opposite of me.