Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not Today, Please.

To see the positive side of a difficult situation is a quality I've been able to put into practice on most occasions. It is not a difficult task to bear a majority of the time, but I am only human, and today has proven to be a day in which I am not up to carrying the burden. I'm tired, and I reserve the right on this day, to roll around in my own self-pity. I don't allow myself to do such on most occasions, but today, yes. Poor, poor me.

No calls on the phone
No cards in the mail
No glimpses of my kids
No sticky melted ice cream kisses...
No Happy Father's Day wishes.

Just bear with me and I will get over this. I've had to deal with so much more. I just hope they know how much I love them...
And when they're grown, I hope they will want to still know me.


Well, I did finally receive that all important call. And even though it came at 9:30pm, it changed my mood tremendously. It was so nice to hear those sweet little voices.

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Marieke said...

We just read your blog. We are sorry that that happened. You are a great person and father. We catn wait to see you and joe again! And how about Endora?! Kissies!