Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet Me in the Library

More work around The 602 has begun. The next room to succumb? The library.

The previous owners could not let one single room escape their obsession with wildly patterned wallpaper. Although not covered in the 'floral vomit' pattern throughout the downstairs, it is still quite dark and un-library like. Soon though, the paper's grasp will be released from the walls of this stately room, and it will take on an air more accustomed to our liking.

The built-in bookshelves anchor one wall in entirety. And rather than the shelves being open to the room, all are enclosed behind doors. Along the bottom, the doors are of wood panel, and the tall doors above are all stained-glass. On the opposite side of the room and tucked into one corner is a lovely fireplace, surrounded in green tile and topped by a wood mantel.

It's the kind of room that one would expect to find a moose-head hanging over the fireplace, a tufted leather couch... maybe even a bear skin rug. (I'm working on the other half to make all that a reality, but I don't know if he can see it just yet...)

When it's done, I do know that it will likely be my favorite room in the house. I'll be sure to make before and after photos to post here.

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