Friday, September 12, 2008


I spoke with Thomas and Marieke last night to see how they were dealing with Ike headed straight for Galveston, and they were of the opinion that they would just 'ride it out'. Well, after seeing this morning how bad this storm is getting, I (along with Joe's urging, too) have tried to make contact with them.

I've sent them a text message, just to let them know they are more than welcome at The 602. There is no need to even call... just get out before it's too bad to leave.

So, tonight we may have guests. And as bad as this storm is looking... they might be here a while.

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Marieke said...

By now you know that we are in Houston and chicken out! :)
I really wish we could have made it up there. It seems too long of a drive with our kitty and we want to be close when they 'open' Galveston.
BUT, my sweet sweet friends, we will have to come see you some time soon under better circumstances! ;)