Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Things are getting really bad here"

were Thomas' exact words when I spoke with them this morning. As Hurrican Ike was approaching, they had decided they would stay nearer their home in Houston, so that a trip back home would not be so complicated and exhaustive. Those were the best of intentions, yet none of us had any idea the area would be so devastated. I have been reading that the mayor of Galveston has now barricaded the bridge leading into town (I-45), has said that anyone still there needs to leave and that residents that fled cannot return. The situation is becoming more dangerous with each passing day.

Upon our urging and reassuring, Thomas and Marieke are on there way up here today. From here, they can better manage their personal affairs and eventually begin the process of getting their life back into order.

It may take weeks for issues in Galveston to be resolved and the city reopened. From articles I've read, all of the infrastructure is gone, and now health and disease issues are plaguing those that stayed behind. Reports range from that of cemeteries that have had their tombs disinterred by the flood waters with the mangled mess of old coffins and dead bodies and other debris washed against fences and buildings, to accounts of rescuers finding people with hundreds of mosquito bites, dead pets and sea-life littering the whole town, and cattle and horses now aimlessly wandering about that had escaped the flooded western end of the island that has no sea wall.

The Houston-Galveston media is apparently shielding this information from residents so as to prevent panic, and I can understand why. However, I do think they should at least be willing to reveal to Galveston residents that it will be quite some time before they let them go back home, and even longer before life can return to normal.

Yes Thomas, things are really bad down there. You have no idea how bad.

So, perhaps we may have house guests for quite some time. Joe and I look forward to being able to help these two special people get their life back in order... however long it may take.

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Rick's Time On Earth said...

I hope everything turned out OK. We need an update!