Friday, September 26, 2008

The Spire

Architecturally inspired by a plume of smoke taking rise from the campfire of Native_Americans who would have resided along the banks of Lake_Michigan, the Chicago_Spire will soon begin its upward thrust to reign supreme over an already impressive and historic American city skyline.
The all-residential condominium tower at 400_N._Lake_Shore_Drive will sit just to the west of DuSable_Park, between Navy_Pier and Wacker_Drive. Topping out at 2000 feet in height, it will be the world's second_tallest all-residential tower, with a total of 1194 residences on 150 floors. The homes will range in size from a modest studio to a much larger 4 bedroom unit. Plans also include penthouses of undisclosed size.
At such a stunning height, subjects gazing out of the windows of the top-floor community room will be able to look downward at the famed Sears_Tower, once the world's tallest building, which will fall short to the Spire by 550'. Not only will one be able to look down on every tower in downtown Chicago, but will also be able to gaze across the waters of Lake Michigan and see the shorelines of Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.
In order to achieve a design from his original inspiration, architect Santiago_Calatrava gently tapers the exterior walls inward, and each floor is offset from the one below by 2.44 degrees, for a total 360 degree rotation from ground to tip.
A spiraling plume of smoke that reaches 2000'? Must be one mother of a fire!
During an evening spent on Navy Pier last summer, I saw the construction site taking shape and the billboard posted with the coming development. Work was to have begun in the days that followed. The residents of 1194 condos must have a place to park, so construction first began on the building's seven story sub-terranian parking garage. With that in mind, I knew it would be quite some time before we would see any progress against- and into- the sky above.
2010 had been the original target date for completion, but the market turbulence has slowed progress and a tentative year of 2012 has been estimated for its completion.
Want a piece of Chicago sky in this particular vertical neighborhood? The sales office is open and would be more than accomodating in finding you the unit that is just right for you. But hold on to yer_breeches, studio units are priced at $750K and the prices spiral upward from there. The largest of the penthouses lists for $40Million. Anyone wanna go 'halfsies'??? Better hurry though, reports are that the tower is already 30%_sold.


Speck said...

Price aside, I don't think I would want to live 150 stories in the air even if the view is fabulous. That's just too far from the ground in case of fire. Oy vey.

Adam James Nall said...

'spiraling plume of smoke that reaches 2000'? Must be one mother of a fire!'

Very good. I enjoyed the post.

Think I'll take the lift...