Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Job Hunting Season is Now Open

The dental field has lost it's magic with me. I'm sick of self-centered dentists and their selfish, backstabbing staff members. There is only one solution:

Look for another job.

Yes, that time has come. After being involved in this field for a number of years (I was first introduced into it in 1990), I am ready to move on... do something different.

I've already begun a few online job applications, in hopes of catching a real sweet new job. I realize, too, that times are tough out there for many, so competition may be stiff. Regardless, all I can do is put my best face on and show it to as many potential employers as I can. Surely, something will come along....

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Ice John's World said...

It is surely a tough job market out there now. With almost 50,000 jobs cut announced yesterday in big coporations cross US, really tough competition out there. But again, you never know! Good luck!