Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Think This May Just Happen...

(and it scares the hell out of me). Arkansas, 1932 - Hattie Caraway is appointed by Governor Parnell to fill the vacancy left by her deceased husband in the US Senate. Later that year, Hattie is elected to a six year term, making her the first woman ever elected to the Senate. She was reelected in 1938, and by the end of her 13 years as a United States Senator, she had become the first woman to chair a senate committee and also the first ever to preside over the senate-upon invitation from Vice President Curtis. Having been involved with her husband's affairs on Capitol Hill since their arrival in 1913, Governor Parnell knew she was more than capable to carry his term for the remaining year after his death.

Although First Lady Jeanette Rockefeller(wife of Governor Withrop Rockefeller) would heavily dabble in some issues during the 1960's, Arkansas did not see another wife of a politician become an active participant in legislative affairs until the election of Bill Clinton in 1979, where he and Hillary co-habitated the office of Governor.

And we all know their history up to now.

Will Hillary become the first woman elected to the
Presidency? I not only believe it is possible, I'm thinking it is quite likely. As she stated in her announcement, she's "in it to win", and I have no doubt she'll put up one very capable-if not fierce-attempt to gain that which she seeks.
As Bush had Rove as a strategist, Hillary will have Bill. Anyone who has lived in Arkansas since the "Bill and Hill" factor entered into state politics, will agree that they are a dynamic duo. No matter what odds are stacked against them, it seems they always come out on top.

I'm sure this time, it will be no different.

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