Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thinking about school again

I've been thinking about returning to school for quite some time. This past week the desire has been overwhelming, and I've been streamlining and adjusting my financial and personal timeline to make it all possible. I happen to work in a wonderful job now that gives me loads of personal gratification. I've been involved in my technical field for many years, and I've worked for, and earned, the dynamic position I now hold. However, working in this position leaves scarce time for personal endeavors through the week. I've attempted taking only one evening class some semesters ago, but my demands on time are too great to accomplish my goals one or two classes at a time. I've convinced myself that when I do decide to make the leap back into school, I will be prepared to do so full-time. If I will still need to work, I will be willing to do so only on a part time basis. It is quite a large financial committment, especially considering the fact I am a divorced father with three children and will have child support to pay for several years to come. I've convinced myself that I can indeed accomplish this, despite the financial challenges. My pending move into a smaller and much more modest living space will finally enable me to move forward with an aggressive savings plan, and eventually, my ticket towards achieving the educational goals I have set for myself.

My friends and acquaintances all know that my personal desire is to gain entry into Dental School. And though it will only come to fruition after I finish all my prerequisites, I still ponder just where I will want to attend. This past week, I finally put down onto paper, a list. I divided the country into quadrants, and selected schools in each region that I seem to have interest in. It's a mix of public and private schools.

University of Tennessee-Memphis
Louisiana State University-New Orleans


University of the Pacific-San Francisco
University of Washington-Seattle
University of Colorado-Denver
University of California-San Francisco

Ohio State University-Columbus
University of Missouri-Kansas City

I'm sure I'll make adjustments to the list. A few already seem to be more appealing than others. One interesting fact I've found, is that around 800 applicants apply to Harvard each year, yet only 35 are accepted.

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