Saturday, September 01, 2007

I May Not Have Good Gaydar, But I Do Have Excellent Peripheral Vision

Friends over tonight for cookout and pool time. Usual fun. Our great friend Charles, whom I've mentioned in various previous entries, brought along two younger straight fellows. One is Charles' stepson, who is soon to be done with his stint in the Army. Along with him was his best friend from high school. He just finished his service with the Navy.

Cute as buttons, they were. All muscley and fit and tattooed. Did I say cute? Anyway, they were not too uncomfortable in the element. The stepson has been over before. The friend was obviously taken in by the atmosphere. He began to loosen up considerably and became chatty. Chatty and cute. He also liked my choice of music.

"Who is that?" he asked with a strangely curious tone.

"That would be Erasure." I replied...giggling to myself inside. As I know it drums out a beat that many a gay man relates to well.

"I like it!" he exclaimed.

"Oh... they're fabulous." I felt I could only say 'fabulous' to properly describe my emotional basis of judgement of Erasure.

The evening progressed further. And as I was fullfilling my duties as grillmeister, I noticed a certain somebody had a great deal of interest in my side profile.

I know the look. In the closet or out... I know that look.

Gosh, he is sooo cute. I'da pinched his cheeks if I could.


Tony said...

tee hee

i'm glad you still's good for the soul

BigAssBelle said...

haha!! how sweet. you just never know, eh? great story.

Rick's Time On Earth said...

I LOVE ERASUE !!! Ok, I'm gay. I have crappy gaydar too but sometimes it does kick in.
By the way, Alice and I both had to cancel our trip to Shanksville (Jeep needed new heating coil,,ugh). I did speak with her today and she's doing great.