Monday, September 24, 2007

It IS on it's way Rick, I promise...

I've had the priveledge of meeting (via internet) a good comrade. His name's Rick, and he and I share a similar personal history, with Mark Bingham having a pivotal influence on both of us.

I had asked Rick if he cared if I shared with everyone, a photograph of himself with Mark's mother, Alice Hoglan, along with an interesting and inspiring blog entry. He obliged, being the good natured guy I believe him to be, and I thank him for that.

Just know I will eventually stop rewriting the darned thing and get it posted... someday.

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Rick's Time On Earth said...

Take your time. I think things are much better thought out instead of rushed. I will add this... my life changed from the day that I found out about Mark and met his mom Alice. I met so many people through this experience (from the President of the United States to wonderful people like you). This is one way Mark changed my life. I found bravery through him and I also found that so many of us are connected in one way or another.
You're a great guy with a great blog!!