Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Remembering Mark

I was reminded of a dark time in my life today. A very troubling and painful time. Four years ago, I was dealing with the myriad of emotions that some of us experience after coming-out. It was perhaps, the most challenging time of my life.

Most of my regrets, my anger, my fears... were all self-directed. I was one self-loathing pitiful mess. But my life began to turn around, and slowly... ever so slowly, the pain... the fear... the regrets... all faded away. Something had happened to me from within that brought me hope.

That hope was a result of recognizing that within each of us lies a hero. I had found mine. His name?

Mark Bingham.


Rick's Time On Earth said...

Fantastic post and blog. We share the same hero! Even though Mark has been gone for six years now his life and spirit still effect people to this very day in a positive way. That's a true hero.

Mark said...

Mark was a good buddy, and more than a hero, he was a damn fine human being.

And a whole lot of fun to drink with. And kiss.

I still haven't been able to remove his contact info from my computer, my rolodex or my mind.

BigAssBelle said...

isn't it amazing how we can find inspiration and hope and the power to change our lives by witnessing the strength of an other? good for you, honey. and what a man mark was. and what a jackass tancredo is. mark's mom ~ wow. beautiful post.