Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Look at what I've cooked up now.

I have lately called into question the level of satisfaction I enjoy with my current job. It now seems that I yearn for something new and different with increasing intensity each passing day. I must say that I do indeed have an 'easy' job and get compensated well, etc. But I know I need a change. I have worked in the dental field for over 10 years now. I'm sick of whiny patients. I'm sick of the drama that ensues in each and every dentist office I have dealings with. Most of all, I'm sick of dentists. I do enjoy working with a few, but for the most part, they tend to make my stomach turn and my head ache.

While wandering around on the internet one day (at work), I came across a particular specialty school that is new to Arkansas. Years earlier, I had often thought of entering such a program while I lived in Memphis, but it was during a turbulent time in my life and I had neither the funds nor the support of my parents in attempting such an endeavor. I have come into a chapter in my life though, that will enable me to pursue this once lost dream, and do so with enthusiasm and energy. I have Joe's blessing too, and with that, I know that it will be an exciting new change.

The program into which I will enroll at some point in the future, is Culinary Arts, now offered by Pulaski Tech in Little Rock. I will also enroll in classes to better educate me on the finer points of running my own business, as I will plan on working for myself eventually. Perhaps a couple of years of experience in a big commercial kitchen, such as The Arlington or The Embassy Suites hotels will be helpful, but my goal is to work for myself as soon as possible. The idea I've had of a business model does not include a restaurant, per se, but rather a retail shop that will have deli-like offerings for lunch, a cold case, gourmet items, kitchen and party accessories, with the heart of it all centered upon a catering business.

I've even thought of the name I want to use for the store...!


Janine said...

So what would you name your business?

Marieke said...

that sounds like a great idea. i wonder too what the name will be! i wish you only the best and hope you will keep us updated about your plans!

Tony said...

well dangit, Pulaski Tech is next door to my crappy job, so if you start your classes before I go crazy and quit it, you'd better come over and have lunch (or at the very least, a ciggie) with me!

good luck on the new venture (and adventure!)