Thursday, July 31, 2008


Our neighbors, Ron and Leigh Linton, brought over this photocopied photo of The 602. I am thinking that it is probably around 1915.
The Black Friday fire of 1913 that destroyed much of downtown, the courthouse and the east side of the Quapaw-Prospect neighborhood also damaged The 602. When new(1887-1892), she was a grand Queen Anne Victorian covered in gingerbread trim, a tall hip roof, and I'm certain that the rondelle had a pointed turret, too.
Well, as evidenced by signs of fire in the attic, I'm thinking that the roof either burned off ... or was damaged to the point of being replaced. And the house underwent a total renovation, not only to repair the burn damage, but to also add indoor plumbing and electricity. It was at that time that (according to the version of the story we've been told) that Dr. Collings decided to make the house as fire-proof as possible. Hence... the stone facade & the Craftsman/Prairie inspired lines that she carries through to this day. Notice how prominently the large Frank Lloyd Wright inspired porch planter stands out on the corner of the front porch.
The lines of the Queen Anne aren't completely lost, though are toned down significantly. I can imagine lots of lattice work for the house's underpinning... lightning rods on the tips of the turret and hips... and lots of scroll cut trim work... all cut to perfection and painted 10 different colors. Can you see it??? Nevertheless, she's still a grand old home. A hybrid of sorts...
Perhaps a Craftsman Queen??????

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