Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Shirtless Yard Man

Sitting in my office, looking out my little window to the world...
I spot this across the street.
Two thoughts crossed my mind:
1. How much would he charge to mow our yard, and
2. Would Joe approve?
Uh, YEAH! And only if he works without his shirt all the time.
(I must have some kind of awesome camera, as this guy was not only across the street, but was down the block, too. I did not realize how tight I could close-in on subject matter:-)


Marieke said...

you are too funny and that guy is too yummy. i say hire him! :)

Rick's Time On Earth said...

YEAH..How did my pic get on your blog? hehe,

Mike said...

Verrrry nice!

Chris said...

I would hire him. And I would probably pay way too much. But would he be able to mow with the huge stream of drool running across the yard?