Saturday, July 12, 2008

Think Cool Thoughts

It's July in Hot Springs, and it is indeed hot. Joe and I tag-teamed yard duty this morning, and even though we started just before 8:00 and finished just after 10:00, it wiped us out. Even the Scots are bushed after walking back with me from the groomers. As soon as we walked in the door, Wills laid himself out on the slate floor in the kitchen, where he still remains some 40 minutes later. He occasionally lets out a groan for us to hear. I totally understand what he means and how he feels.

The photos above were taken the day of our last snow this year. I made sure to capture it, as I knew it would not be around long. Snow in Hot Springs is not nearly as common as one might think. I've seen winter here pass without seeing a single flake. However 2008 gave us snow on two occasions. What made it even more uncommon was that both snowfalls occurred during the same week. March 3rd and March 7th. The first two photos are of home 'the 602'; then, looking up West Mountain; next, the tan Victorian on the next corner on Hawthorne St. (we don't know them very well, b/c they are assholes); and finally, our dear friends Danny and Janine-owners of Prospect_Place_Bed&Breakfast just around the corner from us.

Doesn't it look wonderful? I feel cooler already.

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Speck said...

Beautiful houses!

I needed a little flake of snow today. Thank you.

It's 10:30 p.m. and our A/C is still going full blast. Ugh.