Monday, January 07, 2008

Crashed, baby!

I'm posting this from the office computer. On Saturday, my trusty HP finally died. Now the task will be to find an appropriate replacement. I had been thinking about a laptop, as the thought of running about the home whilst online appealed to some deep inner need. However, upon playing with one in the store and trying to type on one of those buggers with these big fingers seemed ridiculous. Then the mouse pad and I were at odds with each other from the get-go. I'm thinking now that being affixed to one spot with a normal size keyboard and mouse will not be a bad thing a'tall. Especially considering I could get some ginourmous screen, too!


Tony said...

i hope you had better luck with your HP than I did mine. My next one is going to be a Mac!!

p.alan said...

I've cut my losses and gone forward with a laptop purchase. She's really groovy, and I think I'll enjoy the portability more than I thought. In fact, I've got it with me at the office!! Just no wireless network to connect to here, dangit.