Thursday, January 03, 2008

I AM Still Here!

No, I can't sing it as well as Ms. DeCarlo, but feel it just the same. I AM still here, even though you wouldn't know it by looking at this blog. Truth is... I've been faced with a lot of medical issues that I am just now dealing with in the proper sense, AND the holidays were very busy. I looked so forward to January finally getting here, and well, it has. And it's great!

The medical news I will disclose later, as I want to keep this all positive in nature. What I would like to share, though, is a link to a new blogging friend. Marieke. She and her new husband Thomas shared not only their New Year's Eve with Joe and I and our other company, but it also happened to be their honeymoon!!! Both of them are lovely and sweet, and I think we've made two very good friends. Marieke met Thomas in London, and has moved to Texas to be with her sweet.

Wherever life leads you, Thomas and Marieke, we wish you the most happiness!

The Newlyweds visit with John & Danny.

Oh gee, now I'm all verclempt. Just talk amongst yourselves.... Here's Marieke's blog link.


Marieke said...

Aww arent you a sweetheart! Its been so nice meeting you guys and we cant wait to see you again! It was the perfect way to ring in the new year!
speak soon!

kisses from mr. and mrs graves!

Rick's Time On Earth said...

awesome to have you back big guy...missed ya!

Speck said...

Glad to have you back too. I was beginning to worry that you were laid up in the hospital with tubes and wires and stuff stuck all over.

Goodness gracious, please don't hide away for so long!