Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'll Call Her 'Sheeba'

That's short for Toshiba... Okay. Here I sit in front of my new laptop, ready to bang out volumes of seemingly unimportant prose.

Yes, I did opt for the more portable technology while keeping in mind that I would have my equipment at hand,and that ability trumped my other concerns. As I become more familiar with the computing world, I realize that many of the pros of a monolithic desktop PC are available to a laptop user as well. All available, all within reach, if I so desire to add them. I know for certain I will be looking into a wireless mouse, first. Beyond that, probably a separate hard-drive. My Taurean tendencies have me enthralled with all this new technology, and my organizational neuroses will fit right in to being able to copy and catalogue all of our music, photographs and documents. By the time I'm finished ripping all of our CDs, I'm sure a separate hard drive will not only be wise, but absolutely necessary.

I must stop. I'm giving myself goosebumps.

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