Saturday, October 21, 2006

Countrysexuals Are The New In-Crowd

I'm not by any means a television fact, I don't watch much of it. But a new series I've happened upon as of late now has me as a regular viewer. MenInTrees. The general gist of this show: A psychotherapist and radio personality (Anne Heche) flees NYC and a cheating husband, to Elmo, Alaska. Pull "Northern Exposure" from the memory banks...make the transplant female and 90% of the town male lumberjacks...and there you go.

I realize it's not completely original, but I was ready for a new show on Friday night. Long gone are the days of Dallas, and not since has anything of quality aired in that time slot. ABC finally raised a whole generation of children on their cutesy-candy-coated family oriented run of TGIF* shows, and now the grown-ups can have a leisurely Friday in front of the tube.

In last night's episode, Marin (Heche) is visited by her sisterLiz from NYC. After showing her around the town, they end up in-of all places-the town's bar. Liz makes the following observation:

"Do you smell that? It's the smell of men and flannel!"..."I'm so tired of Metrosexuals-give me a good Countrysexual who just smells like he's supposed to smell...Like a man. And flannel!"

I was rolling in laughter.

*TGIF did include ONE show that I enjoyed: Hangin' With Mr. Cooper.

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