Monday, October 30, 2006

Drawing Lines #2

What are Traditional Family Values? And why have so many independent thinkers allowed one group to assume ownership of this term?

I was born into a family that is as traditional as one could possibly be. My mother quit working outside the home when my oldest sister was born in 1963, and didn't resume until 1978, when I was in 3rd Grade. My father worked as hard as any willing man should, up until his retirement just a few years ago, and my mother will follow suit at the end of this year. I respect and honor both my parents for being such excellent role models. They deserve MUCH more than they are ever willing to admit. They taught all three of their children the most important lessons in life. And they did it with love. I grew up going to church, learning the value of education and hard work, and appreciating all of the blessings of a loving family. I know I certainly lived a childhood of priveledge, when compared to the childhood both my parents experienced.

My parents will mark their 50th wedding anniversary next year.

Now, I have a family of my own. I shoulder many of the same burdens of fatherhood that other men with children must carry. I am divorced, and though I no longer have sole custody of my children, I nearly leap at every opportunity I see, to spend time with those wonderful little souls. I never blink an eye when it comes to writing a check for over one-quarter of my net pay, made directly to their mother, once my nemesis, for my financial share in ensuring these kids' well-being. I never blink an eye at anything that is required for them, as I want them to have every possible advantage in life.

Do I emulate Traditional Family Values?

I know that I do. But many people would disagree.


Anonymous said...

You are not keeping with the evangelical's in their quest to skip out on child support payments. They beat their wife's senseless, skip the payments, and then try to tell the rest of us how to live.

grace said...

I wish you were MY exhusband! hahahaa!!! And I'm talking about the straight one who hasn't paid his child support in over 20 months!

Nice to meet you and I look forward to reading your thoughts as you blog.

love and grace,