Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Two First Best Friends

I don't often bring my two sisters to tears, but this poem I wrote about them in 2003 did:

My Two First Best Friends
We are born into our world
We develop and we grow.
Make friends from our acquaintances~
The people that we know.

I know I am luckier
Perhaps than most of you,
For I still have my best friend
My best friend came times two.

The oldest has dark hair and skin
The next is fair, no doubt.
But by the time it came to me,
The pigments fizzled out.

I was born into this world
With both already here
Often they protected me
And helped to stave my fears

We three grew together
At that time we did not see
How precious was our youth
But perhaps now, we agree

I know I was luckier
Perhaps than most of you,
For I still have my best friend
My best friend came times two.


Meet my sisters Elizabeth and Kathy (center to right). This photo was taken on Easter Sunday, 2003. My divorce had become final on St. Patrick's Day, just days before. Very fitting, in my opinion, since Patrick is my first name...hence the "P" I place in my name. Since Patrick is also my Dad's name, I have always gone by Alan. I also thought it very fitting to be on St. Patrick's I was now ready to celebrate and get to know the real me I had been estranged from my whole life.

I was very sick in the photo, having just been diagnosed with pneumonia. Divorce can take a nasty toll on an individual. I was also carrying 50 lbs. of weight I had gained during that time.

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