Thursday, October 19, 2006

Spencer's Corner 1940's

I've lived in Hot Springs for several years and never really knew why an area of downtown was called 'Spencer's Corner'. That was the case until I found this photograph. Spencer's Corner is so called-because of Spencer's Cigar Store. It occupied a space that is now home to a Subway sandwich shop. The yellow building in the photo above is now gone...down to it's basement level, and provides the central plaza that unites several more restaurants and businesses, such as The Brick House Grill, Hot Springs Brau Haus, Garbanzo's Restaurant and Tapas Bar, Salon Muzu Muzu and Christopher's Bridal Shop.

I love how that green car seems to be freely whirling around the corner at Central and Bridge. I usually get caught by the traffic light that is now there.

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