Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Craig IS Ian Fleming's Bond

After months of questioning whether the Broccoli Gang would EVER get their crap together & finally find a Bond for the screen that would live up to Fleming's concept, we finally got our 2.5 hours' worth of him last Friday. My boys and I loved every minute. Daniel Craig, 38, makes Brosnan, Moore & 'that other guy' look awfully wimpy. Hey, I loved Remington Steele back in the 80's, but Brosnan is NO Bond. At least no Bond of mine.

Is the Metrosexual an endangered species? I sure as hell hope so.

Craig has tolerable levels of 'suave', 'refinement' & 'articulateness' to still be qualified as a member of real men. What sets him apart even more is the natural grittiness we haven't seen since Connery. Ever since Sir Sean himself was retired from the role, the men that have been cast have always been, more or less, in Connery's shadow. It is likely this will also be the fate of those who will now come after Daniel Craig.

There was one scene in particular that I thought was very well done, and does Fleming's writing justice. The screenwriters should be congratulated. It takes place in a shower after Bond's gov't appointed chaperone witnessed three quick and brutal assasinations. Obviously shaken, she sits in the shower alone, fully clothed-and Bond comes in to check on her. I'll let you see it for you to draw your own conclusions, but the scene is exquisitely done. It stirred my inner yin and yang...and gave me goosebumps.

Frankly, I could use another 2.5 hours of Daniel Craig without the boys. Aside from obvious reasons, two bathroom breaks and one popcorn/soda refill can challenge even the most predictable of plots. Hey, I can say I read the book, but it's been ages and ages ago...so I need to fill in the gaps I missed.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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