Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Chris

I had a wonderful evening out with two of my best friends. Chris & Mike. It seems it's been ages since we've seen each other. Chris is celebrating...and yes, I'm telling...#49.

They enjoy coming to Hot Springs, so we met at Brau Haus for dinner. To kill a couple of hours before going to Jester's Club, we came back to my condo and finished watching Arkansas' football team annihilate Tennessee.

Tonight was a fundraiser for Hot Springs' AIDS Advocacy, and we were happy to join in. What is it though, about the South and Drag Shows in gay clubs? This will forever be a mystery to me. We did enjoy the show, still. Several past Miss Gay Arkansas' were present...many of which are from Hot Springs. Mike and I attempted playing pool-doubles-with a couple of very friendly guys...who were also MUCH more practiced than him and me. It was a blast.

What was pleasing to me was to see so many non-gay folk amongst everyone else. Times are really changing.


Jeannie said...

Are you kidding? No mystery at all- I am so homesick for gay men, all of them but also in drag-I only know New Orleans of course but what better place is there? ;)

Chris said...

I had a great time! Please correct the typo on my age:)