Thursday, November 16, 2006

Drawing Lines #3

We have a gay brother in need.

Just weeks ago, Mike Jones risked his life and livelihood to come forward and out the most powerful force in American evangelism. To this day he still recieves threats upon his life, and his livelihood...well, let's say it has been stripped from him as quickly as Dobson ripped his support from Haggard. The nation's most prominent gay rights organizations have congratulated Mr. Jones for his courage, but as far as helping him with up & coming legal bills, et al, no help has been directed to him. He also cannot seem to find any support through prospective employment either.

Little did we know that Haggard's fall from Grace would have such an impact on the Religious Right...and the mid term elections. One of my favorite bloggers Joe.My.God. has revealed to us today of Mr. Jones' predicament...and has helped call all of us within this unique band of brothers to action. A Pay Pal account has been set up in honor of our unfortunate hero. One small act of kindness can change the's a mantra I try to live by.

We can all show the Religious Right that they do not own exclusive rights to 'Compassion' nor 'Family Values'.

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